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Recommended Puppy Products

When you bring home your new DKV Rottweiler puppy, you immediately become overwhelmed with choices! What dog food is best for my DKV Rottweiler? What treats are safe for my puppy to eat? What crate size will be big enough for my puppy, but will still allow room for growth. How big of a bed should I buy right now? What toys can withstand the strength of a Rottweiler puppy and not break after one day? What size collar should I buy for an 8 week old puppy? What leash is strong enough for a growing Rottweiler? We have heard all of your questions and we are hear to help! 

Below, DKV Rottweilers has put together a recommended "Supply List" for our new DKV families. When you bring home your new Rottweiler puppy, these items will become very helpful. Of course, these items are not a requirement, but they are highly recommended. The following pet supplies are the same pet supplies used every day by DKV Rottweilers. As a result, your Rottweiler puppy will be familiar with the majority of items on this recommended supply list.


Note: This page contains affiliate links and I will earn a small commission if you make a purchase after clicking on the following links. The commission is paid by the retailers, at no cost to you.

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