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Why The Rottweiler?

I believe people choose their dog breed based on what reflects their own personality the most...

The first time I interacted with the Rottweiler breed, I had an instant connection. Fortunately, the first Rottweiler my wife and I purchased was from an educated Rottweiler breeder named Will. Will definitely taught me a lot about the Rottweiler breed, making me fall in love with the Rottweiler breed even more. He provided me with incredible stories, Rottweiler breed books, and a pile of priceless knowledge.


Will was in the military and brought home his first German Rottweiler when he returned to the United States. His first Rottweiler was Andor Vom Schanzerkopf, SchH2, who was a son of Aki Von Der Peeler Hutte, SchH3, FH, IPO3. For those of you who know the old German Rottweiler working lines, you know Aki was a great working German Rottweiler and a foundation Rottweiler when breeding. I was so intrigued by Will's stories, I began researching the Rottweiler more and more. Unfortunately, we did not have access to the Internet, as we do now. That's unbelievable when I think about it now! My family started visiting dog shows and began to realize our fascination with the Rottweiler breed.

I raised my three sons with Rottweilers since they were born. I was impressed with their protective, yet gentle nature. At that time, the world had a false realization of the Rottweiler breed. The Rottweiler breed was visualized as being aggressive, violent, and untrustworthy, due to attack reports and portrayals in Hollywood movies. On the contrary, the Rottweiler breed was loving, caring, intelligent, loyal, protective, hard working, and always willing to please their owner. That is when I realized my similarities with the Rottweiler breed. The Rottweiler is judged by its tough exterior look and aggressive bark. However, the soul of the Rottweiler is the best possible partner. It is as if the exterior is there to protect its interior from getting hurt. Only the brave will ever learn the true heart of a Rottweiler.

After twenty six years with the Rottweiler breed, I am amazed to say I am still learning. The soul of a Rottweiler is complex and I am sure it would take a lifetime to truly know everything about the Rottweiler. Like humans, each Rottweiler is unique. It amazed me how not only genetics are passed to offspring, but also personality traits; likes and dislikes. I don't envision myself abandoning the breed any time soon. After all, how can you abandon what you are at heart.

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