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DKV Rottweilers is a Rottweiler breeder offering German Rottweiler puppies for sale anywhere in USA.



EST. | 1997

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Your Rottweiler Breeder

Image by Thor Alvis

DKV  Difference

I am a professional Rottweiler breeder offering German Rottweiler puppies for sale. Over the past 26+ years, I have imported some of the best Rottweiler bloodlines from around the world and have produced explosive Rottweiler offspring that truly stand out from the rest. Whether you are looking for a family companion, show prospect, working K9, personal protection, future service dog, or emotional support pet, allow me the opportunity to match the perfect Rottweiler for your needs. I welcome you to experience the DKV Rottweiler difference for yourself.

DKV  Brand

The DKV Rottweiler "brand" is something I am extremely proud of. DKV Rottweilers is what it is today because I am, and have always been, extremely selective in my breeding stock, temperament expectations, and even my customers. I don't allow people to select a puppy based on looks or a 10 minute visit. I believe in my puppy matching methods 100% and this is the reason for my hundreds and hundreds of satisfied customers around the world. I strive to produce superior Rottweiler puppies from world famous European bloodlines, with generations of clear health, explosive looks that will make a stranger think twice about entering your home uninvited, and a sound temperament you can trust around your youngest family members. Learn more on my "Learn" page.

Throughout  The  Years

They call me a Rottweiler breeder, Rottweiler handler, "Rottweiler Trainer"... but I call myself a Rottweiler student. "A Rottweiler is capable of teaching its student superior levels of discipline, patience, love, loyalty, sacrifice, and protection, more than any human ever could!" ~ Angel G. 


Learn more about DKV Rottweiler's breeder on our "About" page.


26 Years & Growing

Image by Thor Alvis

DKV  Legacy

What is DKV Legacy? DKV Legacy represents a standard for our DKV brand. DKV Legacy represents a quality of life for our Rottweilers. DKV Legacy represents the impact our Rottweilers have on our lives and the lives of others. DKV Legacy represents our future generations and growth. Ultimately, the story of DKV Rottweilers is our LEGACY.

DKV Legacy consists of ten+ acres, with seven acres being dedicated exclusively to our Rottweilers. This seven acres is umbrellaed by hundreds of oak trees and kissed with an acre large pond, where the dogs will be able to swim and stay cool during the long summer days.


Learn more at "".



Photo of the Month

Image by Thor Alvis

Customer Testimonial

God once said, “I need someone strong enough to pull a cart but gentle enough to love a child, smart enough to protect their master and passionate enough to love their family, someone with so much love they can lift the spirits of a broken heart.” So God created the Rottweilers that Angel and Liz breed.  

By definition, a breeder is a professional who mates dogs to produce puppies and matches those puppies to new owners, but this is just the beginning of what DKV does. I’ve sat down every day for the last month starting to write this review and every time, found myself too overwhelmed with gratitude and emotions to truly articulate just what Angel and Liz mean to me. I came to them broken hearted, lost, alone, and grappling with how to move forward, weeks after losing my whole heart, King Bob. From the very first email exchange with Liz I knew they were special and who my next best friend would come from. I originally thought I would wait a few months but after emailing Liz and spending almost 2 hours talking with Angel a few months was no longer an option, I would be welcoming home the most perfect orange puppy, who we named Queen “Queenie” Bea just a few weeks later. 

Business wise nobody compares. Liz worked with us every step of the way, always going above and beyond even when it came to figuring out PayPal issues. We exchanged at least 50 emails and in every one she was so kind and caring, ever so patient and constantly reminded me she was ours even when I was worried that technology was presenting unexpected issues. Even now, I still get so excited to see a DKV email popup from Liz. Angel goes the extra mile, calling to check in after every appointment, opening the communication and being able to answer every question and teaching me things.  You can hear the love and commitment to the breed in his voice and his knowledge is unmatched. Their communication, litter pages, detailed emails, blog posts, and beautiful web pages is something I didn’t see in any other breeders, and should be recognized. 

When it came to getting Queenie I was torn between having her flown to me or making the trek from Massachusetts to Georgia. I am so glad I decided to go to Georgia (Buc-ees was an extra bonus). Meeting Angel and Liz in person, hugging the two people who played a huge role in healing my broken heart, laughing with them, sharing stories, and witnessing first hand  their love for every puppy and what they do is something I’ll forever cherish. 

A new dog doesn’t replace the one you lost, but a DKV puppy will make you feel love again. Reminding you that even in your lowest moments there are reasons to smile. So many people said, when you know you’ll know and the time will be right. Joining the DKV family, establishing a lifelong bond with Angel and Liz, knowing I can go to them with any question or need and they’ll be there, bringing Queenie home, it was all meant to BEA, the time was right. Bea means, “she who brings happiness and joy” and that’s exactly what she is doing, thanks to Liz and Angel. 

While there are no words or actions I can do to fully thank them for what they’ve done for me and my family, one thing I want to do is encourage you to never hesitate on getting a DKV puppy and becoming part of the family. You will never find two people more committed to the Rottweiler breed and ensuring the perfect match for you. The legacy of DKV is one that I’m proud to now be part of. Thank you Liz, Angel, and the DKV family. 

We love you to pIeces- Lyndsey & Queenie Bea


Read more customer testimonials on our "Reviews" page.


Keeping You in the Loop

Image by Thor Alvis

DKV Rottweilers is proud to announce two new DKV Rottweiler litters just born with Rottweiler puppies available for sale now.

Our first litter is out of Italian Stallion Von Der Korperkraft and Herra Kick Power. Herra delivered 3 males and 4 females. 


Our second available litter is out of Italian Stallion  and Quinceville Drama. Drama delivered 3 males and 3 females.

To view puppy photos of each litter, visit our "Upcoming Litters" page. For more information on our available Rottweilers  for sale, the first step is to complete a buyer "Questionnaire" which you can find on our "For Sale" page. There you will learn the required steps to reserving a DKV Rottweiler puppy, as well as the service included with your purchase.

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