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EST. | 1997

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Your Rottweiler Breeder


DKV  Difference


I am a professional Rottweiler breeder offering German Rottweiler puppies for sale. Over the past 27+ years, I have imported the best Rottweiler bloodlines from around the world and have produced explosive Rottweiler offspring that truly stand out from the rest. Whether you are looking for a family companion, show prospect, working K9, personal protection, future service dog, or emotional support pet, allow me the opportunity to match the perfect Rottweiler for your needs. I welcome you to experience the DKV Rottweiler difference for yourself.

DKV  Brand


The DKV Rottweiler "brand" is something I am extremely proud of. DKV Rottweilers is what it is today because I am, and have always been, extremely selective in my breeding stock, temperament expectations, and even my customers. I don't allow puppy selections based on looks or a 10 minute visit. I believe in my puppy matching methods 100% and results in my hundreds of satisfied customers around the world. I strive to produce superior Rottweilers from world famous European bloodlines, with generations of clear health, explosive looks that will make a stranger think twice before entering your home, and a sound temperament you can trust around your youngest family members. "Learn" more about the Rottweiler.

Throughout  The  Years


They call me a Rottweiler breeder, Rottweiler handler, and "Rottweiler Trainer", but I call myself a Rottweiler student. "A Rottweiler is capable of teaching its student superior levels of discipline, patience, love, loyalty, sacrifice, and protection, more than any human ever could!" ~ Angel G. 


Learn more on DKV Rottweilers "About" page.

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27 Years & Growing


DKV  Legacy


What is DKV Legacy? DKV Legacy represents a standard for our DKV brand. DKV Legacy represents a quality of life for our Rottweilers. DKV Legacy represents the impact our Rottweilers have on our lives and the lives of others. DKV Legacy represents our future generations and growth. Ultimately, the story of DKV Rottweilers is our LEGACY.

DKV Legacy consists of ten+ acres, with seven acres being dedicated exclusively to our Rottweilers. This seven acres is umbrellaed by hundreds of oak trees and kissed with an acre large pond, where the dogs will be able to swim and stay cool during the long summer days.


Latest Announcements

Rottweilers For Sale

If you are interested in reserving a DKV Rottweiler puppy, or if you just want more information on our Rottweiler puppies, the first step is to complete our buyer "Questionnaire" on our "For Sale" page. There you will learn the required steps to reserving a DKV Rottweiler puppy, as well as the many DKV "Services" included with your Rottweiler purchase.


We do have ROTTWEILER PUPPIES AVAILABLE NOW!!! If you are not ready now, and wish to reserve from one of our "Upcoming Litters", that is not a problem. Here at DKV Rottweilers, we do have a waiting list for our Rottweiler puppies. That being said, you do need to join our "Waiting List" if you are interested in reserving a Rottweiler puppy from an upcoming DKV Rottweiler litter. You can learn more about our waiting list on our "Payment Policy" page.

Here at DKV Rottweilers, we sell to approved homes only. To learn more about our DKV families and what they thought about the DKV process, please read over our many DKV Rottweiler "Reviews" and "Testimonials".

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Customer Testimonials

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Lyndsey Nunes, PhD, BCBA

I will start my review by saying there is no better brreder than DKV and if you are looking elsewhere, don't bother - you've found the best of the best. From my first interactions with Angel... [continue]


Shelby Yates

We couldn't have been more thankful to have found DKV Rottweilers. The only dog I've ever dreamed of owning was a German Rottweiler and the dog we received was more than I've... [continue]


Dr. Amandeep Bains

Absolutely excellent quality, service, and follows through. I got my Rottweiler 1 year ago and he has turned out absolutely healthy with a good temperament. A Champion for sure! Strong... [continue]

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