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God once said, “I need someone strong enough to pull a cart but gentle enough to love a child, smart enough to protect their master and passionate enough to love their family, someone with so much love they can lift the spirits of a broken heart.” So God created the Rottweilers that Angel and Liz breed.  

By definition, a breeder is a professional who mates dogs to produce puppies and matches those puppies to new owners, but this is just the beginning of what DKV does. I’ve sat down every day for the last month starting to write this review and every time, found myself too overwhelmed with gratitude and emotions to truly articulate just what Angel and Liz mean to me. I came to them broken hearted, lost, alone, and grappling with how to move forward, weeks after losing my whole heart, King Bob. From the very first email exchange with Liz I knew they were special and who my next best friend would come from. I originally thought I would wait a few months but after emailing Liz and spending almost 2 hours talking with Angel a few months was no longer an option, I would be welcoming home the most perfect orange puppy, who we named Queen “Queenie” Bea just a few weeks later. 

Business wise nobody compares. Liz worked with us every step of the way, always going above and beyond even when it came to figuring out PayPal issues. We exchanged at least 50 emails and in every one she was so kind and caring, ever so patient and constantly reminded me she was ours even when I was worried that technology was presenting unexpected issues. Even now, I still get so excited to see a DKV email popup from Liz. Angel goes the extra mile, calling to check in after every appointment, opening the communication and being able to answer every question and teaching me things.  You can hear the love and commitment to the breed in his voice and his knowledge is unmatched. Their communication, litter pages, detailed emails, blog posts, and beautiful web pages is something I didn’t see in any other breeders, and should be recognized. 

When it came to getting Queenie I was torn between having her flown to me or making the trek from Massachusetts to Georgia. I am so glad I decided to go to Georgia (Buc-ees was an extra bonus). Meeting Angel and Liz in person, hugging the two people who played a huge role in healing my broken heart, laughing with them, sharing stories, and witnessing first hand  their love for every puppy and what they do is something I’ll forever cherish. 

A new dog doesn’t replace the one you lost, but a DKV puppy will make you feel love again. Reminding you that even in your lowest moments there are reasons to smile. So many people said, when you know you’ll know and the time will be right. Joining the DKV family, establishing a lifelong bond with Angel and Liz, knowing I can go to them with any question or need and they’ll be there, bringing Queenie home, it was all meant to BEA, the time was right. Bea means, “she who brings happiness and joy” and that’s exactly what she is doing, thanks to Liz and Angel. 

While there are no words or actions I can do to fully thank them for what they’ve done for me and my family, one thing I want to do is encourage you to never hesitate on getting a DKV puppy and becoming part of the family. You will never find two people more committed to the Rottweiler breed and ensuring the perfect match for you. The legacy of DKV is one that I’m proud to now be part of. Thank you Liz, Angel, and the DKV family. 

We love you to pieces- Lyndsey & Queenie Bea





Angel and Liz went over and above with helping me get our Nora to Costa Rica! We absolutely love her! I have had Rottweilers for 20ish years. I bought my first puppy from DKV last year and couldn't be happier. They do an amazing job with their breeding program and their customer service is hands down the best! They were honest, friendly, extremely knowledgeable and helpful! I would recommend them to anyone! ...keep breeding amazing Rotties!


I have purchased two puppies from DKV and could not be more satisfied with the quality of their puppies, their excellent service, attention to detail, responsiveness, and courtesy.


As I sit here facing the horror of having to put down my beautiful boy Chance, I think back to the wonderful and amazing life he had, thanks in part to DKV. Angel stood up and did the right thing as a breeder and he has my respect and trust ever since... DKV represents the highest breeding standards producing the highest quality Rottweilers. End of discussion.


My husband and especially me are researchers when it comes to buying most of the things for our home, and it was no different when it came to searching for another addition to our family.

Once we decided that we wanted a German Rottweiler, I had mentioned it to my father. Needless to say, the retired detective went to work and spent quite a while looking for breeders in our area / state.

My father found DKV Rottweilers. As I looked through their website, I really got a sense of who they were and what great care they put into their puppies. I kept it in our favorites and kept searching, but no other place compared - This was just based on their website alone.

As my husband and I started to communicate with DKV via email and phone, they were very responsive, answered all of our questions, and kept us up to date throughout the waiting list process.

Once the puppies were born we were able to see pictures and videos very often. What was advertised on the website was indeed a reality - these puppies were loved and cared for in a safe, clean environment. We wanted the pick of the litter. The puppy selection process was easy and in the end we found the right puppy for us.

The best part about DKV Puppies is how healthy and wonderful our Henry Diesel is. The vet told us he couldn't be in better health or have a better temperament. Everyone in our office looks forward to his visits. I know this is because of the care and love Angel and Liz gave our boy before and after his birth. 6 years later Angel and Liz still check up on our boy.

I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a German Rottweiler. It is completely worth the investment and we could not be happier with our choice. We plan to buy another one from them in the future.


Nothing but great experience dealing with them. The dog we received was top notch and our vet attested to that. I would definitely buy from them again.


My Axel has been the best dog I have ever owned. Without DKV Rottweilers it would not have been possible to have my big boy! He is my service dog, my protector and my best friend! We came to DKV because we knew we were getting the best quality breeder! No disappointments here! ...Both of you are so honest, kind and caring! My family will always support DKV and the beautiful dogs you breed! We love you guys so much and you will always have our support. God Bless!


We are new to the DKV family and I can already see what an awesome family to be part of!! We got our baby girl in July of this year and were able to drive to Georgia to meet Angel and Liz at their beautiful home. From the minute you pull up you can see the pride in the home and kennel. We were greeted with the most kind hearted people you will ever meet. Earlier this year we had to put our beautiful sweet baby girl down at the age of 5 due to a paralyzing cancer. We were heartbroken to lose our rotti. We knew we would want another one day and started searching online for a reputable breeder. We quickly came across DKV Rottweilers and knew from that moment this would be where we would find our new baby. We filled out the questionnaire and received feedback quickly that they had a puppy available. At that time we were still grieving the loss of our baby and knew it was too soon. I had so many questions for Liz just due to the experience of our baby we just lost. Liz was very patient and understanding with me and answered all my questions. And let me tell you I had a lot. Lol. When we finally decided the time was right for a new baby we were kept informed and when "D" day finally arrived we could not wait to get her. Our Jetta is the sweetest, loving, beautiful and fast growing baby girl. ...With our last rottie you learn that sometimes things happen out of your control. I truly believe that Angel and Liz has the best Rottweiler breed around. After 23 years breeding Rottweilers and all the testimonials going back to their first litter that should say enough in itself. We stand behind you and wholeheartedly recommend DKV Rottweilers to everyone!!!


I am truly happy to report that Kayla is doing wonderful and I can't picture my days without her thanks to DKV Rottweilers 10 years ago... I love my beauty and would do it all over again with you guys... I know you stand by what is right for your dogs and your customers for sure!


We have been DKV family since our Schultz was born in December 2000. Our boy lived for almost 13 years. In 2009 we added Hanne to our family and she lived until recently... We have received nothing but positive help / results / assistance / love / care from DKV Rottweilers... and we cannot wait to add to our family!!


I have gotten two Rottweilers from Liz & Angel and have been very satisfied with my fur babies. I even had the pleasure of picking up my puppy this past March, and meeting Liz & Angel for the first time in the 8 yrs since my first purchase of my fur baby back in 2010. These people felt very welcoming to their home and did everything they could for me and making sure I was good and satisfied. I will stand by DKV Rottweilers and their name, as I am a satisfied customer and will continue to return as long as their still breeders!



Angel and Liz, you have gone far and above the best breeding experience I've ever seen. I've been to your home. I have travelled 8+ hours to get to your house to not only meet you, but pick up my 2ND DKV Rottie. He is the most amazing, obedient and loving dog. He's no Biff, but we both know no other dog can be Biff. I'm crying as I write this. You have blessed me with 2 of the MOST amazing dogs I've ever met. If you need ANYTHING from me... please do not hesitate to ask. I am forever in your debt. Had a close friend come over the house this week to meet Dont'A. Even he said he's the most beautiful Rottie he's ever seen. I'd post another hellp picture but I'm afraid someone will come to steal him. Whoever reads this just know, I'm from Massachusetts and have no affiliation with Angel and Liz. They gave me the best dogs I've ever had the pleasure to live with. I've met him and his wife. They're legit and honest unlike so many other breeders on FB. I never do this but feel free to call me on my personal cell phone if you want my honest opinion. 919-720-2831. That is my personal company provided cell phone. Thank you both for what you do and for what you've done for me! God Bless and please don't stop what you do! BTW, go Pats!


I personally have two of Angels Rotties, they are the best dogs and I have literally had zero issues with them at all. They are sisters and just turned eight. I will definitely be contacting DKV again for another puppy.


For us, we love DKV and our little boy Sir James Bond. He has brought so much love into our home!! Keep doing what you do!!


Very good friends of the family had gotten their puppy from DKV Rottweilers. As soon as my husband and I saw their puppy we knew we had to look into getting our first dog with DKV and we have never once regretted that decision. In fact there was a time when Balor was very sick and not holding down his food. We spent a lot of time and money on vet visits where they could not find the issue. I then reached out to DKV where Angel had told me what to do to help get Balor better. His advice worked and Balor is healthy and happy. I am so thankful for DKV and for helping me in my time of need. We definitely plan on getting him a friend from DKV! The most beautiful dogs with amazing temperaments! Thank you DKV for my fur child. LOL


You guys are fantastic, Bubba and Oso are great. Can't wait for more from you guys.


I have two DKV Rottweilers. I have owned Rottweilers for years. When I went to DKV it was the best thing I could have done. Honest, sincere, caring... My rotties are the best I have ever owned, thanks to DKV... Looking forward to another DKV puppy.


Having been a lover, owner, and breeder of Rottweilers since 1983, I write this testimonial with pleasure and appreciation. It all started when I returned from my time in the US Army, toting my first Rotty puppy. West Germany is where my love for this wonderful breed began while working daily with the German Kaserne guards who only used Rottweilers and German shepherds.

For years I raised the best “German Bred” old style rotties, importing females to breed for family and home security, law enforcement agencies, and working on the farm. After the sudden death of my last direct lined great-grandson of my initial rottweiler I stopped breeding. After about a decade I decided to get another Rottweiler puppy. I began looking at breeders here in the states, where I became so dishearten in the quality, conformation, and attitudes of the “New” Rottweilers, that I almost decided to forget my search and gave up.

I am the type of person that I must have what is correct and true to the foundation, beginning, and use of something.  One day, I was just surfing Google for Rottweilers and came across DKV Rottweilers, WOW!!! From the photos of the dogs I was looking at on the pages of the website, I just about blown away. Only one more thing to do, call them and set up an appointment to view their kennels.

I am sure I drove Liz and Angel crazy with my phone calls.  We finally made an appointment to come and visit so when the happy day arrived my husband, youngest son, and myself sped to Georgia. I was praying that DKV Rottweilers would be the answer to my prayers. When we arrived, we were greeted by the warmest hearted, passionate, rotty-loving people I had met in a very long time.

​We couldn’t wait to fill out the questionnaire and follow up with their protocol of being a proud puppy owner of DKV Rottweilers. We were so impressed by the quality of their dogs and the professionalism of Liz and Angel, that we signed up to purchase a male and female puppy. We received our female “Ms. Ximena” around Thanksgiving and are looking forward to receiving our new little man soon. I could NOT be more satisfied and pleased with our puppies, I have started showing off Ximena and everyone is asking WOW, where can I get one. She is unbelievable, awesome, and more than I could have ever imagined!

There is NOT enough praise, thanks, or appreciation that I could give Liz and Angel of DKV Rottweilers. My veterinarian asked me where I got such a quality puppy, I told him I had been blessed by finding the best Rottweiler breeders in the United States, DKV Rottweilers. He asked for their contact information, I excitedly gave it.

Thank you, Liz & Angel, for filling the empty spot in my heart from the loss of Rottweiler puppy kisses!


I'm sure it's difficult being the BEST breeders around!! I mean all others want to take the best out. NOT going to work!!



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