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  DKV Rottweilers - German Rottweiler breeder offering Rottweiler puppies for sale, Rottweiler youths for sale, Rottweiler adults for sale, and Rottweiler imports for sale. DKV Rottweilers offer Rottweiler puppies for sale for showing, Rottweiler puppies for sale for schutzhund, and Rottweiler puppies for sale for companionship. All DKV Rottweilers, Rottweiler puppies for sale, Rottweiler youths for sale, Rottweiler adults for sale, and Rottweiler imports for sale can be shipped by DKVR world-wide!  

DKV Rottweilers New Website:

We needed to build a new Rottweiler website to be more compatible with today's mobile phones. Feel free to browse this old site since it does have over 200 pages of Rottweiler knowledge but just understand that it is not current... only the new site will continue to be updated. DKV Rottweilers.

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Buyer Questionnaire

It is important to us to make sure all of our Rottweilers are placed in forever homes that will provide a lifetime of love and socialization. Before we will provide any information on any Rottweiler for sale, we ask all potential customers to please complete our buyer questionnaire. It is important to list as much detail as possible.

Note: Our website is updated on a regular basis. All available Rottweilers for sale, all upcoming litters, all new photos, purchase contract, shipping costs, and customer testimonials are all posted on my website. I receive a lot of inquires every day so we always keep our website up to date to provide answers to the most common asked questions.

We thank you for your interest in our Rottweilers. We will do our best to respond to your completed questionnaire within twenty four hours. Thank you.



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