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DKV Rottweilers - German Rottweiler breeder offering Rottweiler puppies for sale, Rottweiler youths for sale, Rottweiler adults for sale, and Rottweiler imports for sale. DKV Rottweilers offer Rottweiler puppies for sale for showing, Rottweiler puppies for sale for schutzhund, and Rottweiler puppies for sale for companionship. All DKV Rottweilers, Rottweiler puppies for sale, Rottweiler youths for sale, Rottweiler adults for sale, and Rottweiler imports for sale can be shipped by DKVR world-wide!

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Rottweiler puppies for sale

Rottweiler Puppies For Sale in Alaska

We do have Rottweiler puppies for sale at this time and available to our Alaska customers. DKV Rottweilers is located in central Georgia, USA, approximately one hour south of Atlanta. We always welcome all our Rottweiler customers to our home to pick up their new Rottweler family member. However, if you are unable to come to DKV Rottweilers home, we do offer world wide shipping for all our Rottweilers!

DKV Rottweilers exclusively uses Delta Airlines. Delta offers a petsafe program unlike any other airline. All Rottweiler puppies are dropped off at the Delta cargo office by me personally, where they are kept in an air controlled environment. When ready, Rottweiler puppies are transported to the airplane, via an air controlled petsafe van. Your Rottweiler puppy will not be transported to the airplane on some cart like luggage, open to the elements of extreme weather. Your Rottweiler puppy will fly in a pet area on the plane, again, with controlled temperatures. Since we are located in Delta's home hub, your Rottweiler puppy will be able to fly direct to your local airport. We do not expose our Rottweiler puppies to long flights with layovers or overnight flight transfers. Once your puppy arrives at your location, your Rottweiler puppy is transported to the local Delta cargo office, located near the airport. This is where you will pick up your puppy and pay for the actual flight ticket. With Delta, all domestic flights are able to be paid at the time of pick-up, which makes it easier for our Rottweiler buyers to pay for their flights with a credit card. If your Delta cargo office is closed, you would pick up your Rottweiler puppy from the Delta office located inside your local airport. Please know we have never had a Rottweiler puppy get lost or get hurt on a flight. We are confident you will be pleased with the experience and realize it is not a traumatizing experience for you or your new Rottweiler, as one might have thought of in past years. Please know, all flight arrangements for your new Rottweiler are made by DKV Rottweilers and provided to you with detail, including pick up location and directions. We try to make the process as easy as possible for our Rottweiler customers.

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Rottweiler puppies for sale in Alaska.

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