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Rottweiler Puppies For Sale
Summer 2015
Bronkino X Ivy

We have two extraordinary Rottweiler male puppies for sale! If you are looking for the highest quality puppies with explosive looks and docked tails, look no further! For prices, call DKV Rottweilers 404-850-9992.

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I have been breeding for 20 years and when you purchase a puppy from my kennel you can expect an outstanding temperament, correct confirmation, excellent health, explosive look, raised in a clean environment, up to date health checks, knowledgeable breeder, generation after generation of proven dogs produced by our kennel (not purchased), and support for life.

Video of Bronkino (father of pups) taken 8.17.15

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DKV Rottweilers is a German Rottweiler kennel offering Rottweiler puppies for sale, Rottweiler youths for sale, Rottweiler adults for sale, and Rottweiler imports for sale. Some new breeders claim many years experience because they had Rottweilers as children. DKV Rottweilers has over 20 years of real experience with the Rottweiler breed. We have been professionally breeding Rottweilers since 1996. We have provided many years of training including basic obedience, advanced off leash, corrective behavior, and personal protection training. We have also been handling our own Rottweilers and competing in Rottweiler shows since 1996.

Our Rottweilers are superior in quality, coming from the best German Rottweiler bloodlines available in the world. We have brought many phenomenal bloodlines to our kennel in the USA by breeding directly to the most world famous Rottweiler studs in Germany and Europe including Mambo von der Crossener Ranch, Akino von der Lauterbrucke, Balou von der Silberblick, Chan von der Bleichstrasse, Jumbo vom Kummelsee, Herbie von Gruntenblick, Bronko od Dragicevica, Orlando vom hause Neurband, Ben vom Langen Grund, Enrico vom hause Sommer, Gismo von der Bleichstrasse, Tough vom hause Neubrand, Waldo vom hause Onul, Rex von der Bleichstrasse, and Vento od Dragicevica. Many breeders claim these names as ancestors to their dogs but our foundation was started by breeding directing to these studs in Germany.

Our Rottweilers are all provided excellent socialization, obedience training, superior nutrition, and lots of love. We breed specifically for outstanding temperaments, explosive head pieces, and excellent confirmation. Generation after generation, our kennel produces explosive beauty from our own stock. This is the only way a kennel can prove their accomplishments., not by purchasing two dogs overseas and selling the pups.

We perform temperament tests on all our Rottweiler puppies to ensure each individual Rottweiler temperament goes to the best home environment that will allow him or her personality to thrive. Our Rottweiler puppies come with AKC papers, copy of sire and dam pedigrees, vaccine and wormer record, head to toe health certificate including heart and fecal exams, legal contract, health guarantees, hip guarantees, and breeder support for life. For our customers, we provide Rottweiler puppy photos, updated weekly, so all customers can compare equally. We even offer free shipping on all Rottweiler puppies anywhere in USA, not including Alaska or Hawaii.

When only the very best Rottweilers will do for your family... DKV Rottweilers.


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