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Rottweiler Tail Vs. Docked

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Rottweiler Tail Vs. Docked

We wanted to let everyone know our position on Rottweilers and tails. At the current time, we dock tails on some Rottweiler litters and we keep tails on other Rottweiler litters. The Rottweiler litter normally determines our decision. If we get more international customers interest in a litter, we will keep the tails to benefit our clientele. Some international buyers would not be allowed to compete with their Rottweiler with a docked tail. Also, a breeders goal is to one day produce that perfect Rottweiler litter and next Rottweiler world champion; if you were to cut the tail on the Rottweiler litter, you also cut the their career short of ever succeeding outside of the United States.

I understand when everyone thinks of a Rottweiler, they think of a docked tail. But that should not be reason enough to continue the tradition. History states that Rottweiler tails began to be docked to prevent injury. However, Rottweilers are not primarily used in extreme situations any longer such as in the military or police where their tails would get in the way. Also, consider the other hundreds of breeds which have tails, and do not injure themselves.

People can also debate the cruelty factors forever. There are tons of literature out there used to persuade the reader to believe one way or another. I have read articles that said cropping a Rottweiler's tail is painless because they do not have any nerves in their tails at only 3 days old. What I do know is when a Rottweiler puppy's tail is clipped, yes, he or she does holler. Yes, they do cry for the next 2-3 days, especially when their bottom is bumped by another puppy. So, this tells me it is extremely painful. The Rottweiler puppy also does not eat as well for the next 2 days. After a few days the Rottweiler puppy does return to itself again.

What I want to discuss is something that I rarely see on these Rottweiler tail debating pages or articles. We hear how the natural tail benefits the Rottweilers health at birth, their natural balance, but I believe it can also save lives. I want to talk about how a Rottweiler tail can benefit your safety. Unfortunately, the beautiful Rottweiler breed has gotten a bad reputation in the past 5-10 years. You occasionally hear of a Rottweiler bite or attack on the news, and it is very disturbing to myself as a Rottweiler breeder. It has brought us to the point, where some states want to ban some breeds indefinitely. Now this is another argument for another day, but consider the following... Rottweilers attack for two reasons primarily. First, a Rottweiler can attack simply because he is aggressive due to a lack of socialization or breeding. Second, a Rottweiler can attack because he is scared, again, due to a lack of socialization or breeding. Now, if you approached a dog of any breed and he was aggressive, it would be very obvious by their snarling and deep barking, right? I think anyone would stay away from that dog. Well, what is you approach a dog and he is scared... would you be able to tell? Let's say he is bowing down and lowering his head and you think he is inviting you to pet his head. So, you reach out with your hand and OH MY GOODNESS you get bit or possibly attacked. What happened? Maybe you did not see it because he did NOT have a tail. If he had a tail, you could see it curled in between his legs and you would know he was scared and feeling very threatened. So, he attacked you to protect himself, because HE was scared. Now, I know this is not the case in all bite cases, but I think a tail might have prevented SOME bite cases. I also think we all agree some is better then none. Our loved look of a docked tail, can be hurting the breed.

Another funny point is when I have people come by and look at my dogs, most people are amazed with their personality and beauty, they overlook the tail. I have had numerous people say, I did not even notice the tail. Personally, I think tails are great. I think it's great to see your Rottweilers emotions. It helps you bond with you Rottweiler even more. I am not trying to persuade  you one way or another. I just hope I can get some people to see the natural tail from another point of view.

The law banning all forms of docking and clipping was passed in Germany in 1999. Now in 2007, their are so many countries who follow these FCI standards. I do believe all forms of docking or clipping of breeds will be banned everywhere, including the great USA, within the next few years. Whether it does or not, we hope people can learn to accept the Rottweiler with or without a tail. Like I said above, we dock some litters and we don't on others. Tails do not affect a Rottweilers beautiful personalities. If you are basing your purchase on whether or not a Rottweiler has a tail, this is ridiculous. Base your decision on the Rottweiler's pedigree, Sire and Dam, temperament, personality, beauty, but NOT their tail. We simply love the Rottweiler breed unconditionally, tail or no tail, and hope you can too.


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